UAH offers support for organizations that are just beginning their lean journey or need some assistance with their ongoing lean deployment.  Services available include assessments, strategic planning, improvement event facilitation and team and individual coaching.

Lean Healthcare Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of the current state of lean healthcare practices throughout the organization to serve as a baseline for the lean strategy.  All aspects of a lean organization are evaluated with strengths and weaknesses identified.  The 2-day assessment includes reviews of operational and organizational performance and interviews with key personnel across multiple departments, including operations, human resources, procurement and customer service.  Results also include a recommended path forward and identification of potential quick win improvement opportunities.

Lean Strategy Planning

Planning session with a cross-functional management team over a half-day to establish a lean strategy for the organization based on the current state of lean practices and overall organizational goals and objectives.  Components of the strategy include management involvement, training plan, change management, award/incentive plan for improvements, goals and performance measurement.

Improvement Event Facilitation

Facilitators are provided to lead 3-5 day rapid improvement events on-site.  Events are intense, focused improvement efforts consisting of 4-8 team members with specific goals and result in significant, sustainable impact at the end of the 3-5 days.  Agendas typically include a short training session on the improvement topic, documenting a baseline of the current state, trying and implementing improvements, measuring the future state and implementing a sustainment plan.

Coaching and Support

Provide on-site support to guide and facilitate the development of a continuous improvement culture, including implementation strategy, identification of improvement opportunities, ensuring sustainment and mentoring in-house facilitators and lean leaders.