Students standing in line inside the Charger Card Office waiting to be serviced.


Starting this Fall semester and wondering what Meal Plan you'll receive, or can choose from? Check out the Meal Plan navigator here: What's My Meal Plan?


Your Charger Card is your student ID and grants you access to residence halls, academic buildings, and classrooms. It also contains your information about:


Use the below links to make changes to your Meal Plan Account (if available), add money to your Charger Card, or to check your balance on your Charger Card!

Charger Card FormsCharger Card Online Deposits Check your Balance


Off-Campus Merchants

The UAH Charger Card can also be used at the Infinity College Bookstore on Holmes Avenue. This off-campus bookstore will accept your Charger Card for payment using funds in your Flex account. You can also use your Charger Card to receive discounts at other local retailers.