Charger Card Mobile ID image

Submit Your Photo for Charger Card Mobile ID

  • Read the photo guidelines below and review the examples of proper photos.
  • Log into your myUAH account.
  • Under "Campus Services" click on the "Online Photo Submission" link located below the "Charger Card" heading.
  • After clicking the link, you will be able to submit a new photo.
  • Generally within one business day, you will receive a confirmation that your photo has either been approved or denied. Within 15 minutes of your photo being approved, you will be able to register for Charger Card Mobile ID.
  • If you prefer a physical Charger Card, please visit the Charger Card Office or use our Request to Mail Charger Card form. Please note the fees associated with card printing on the form.

How to Choose an Appropriate ID Photo

  • Select a photo with a resolution of at least 330 x 420 pixels in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
  • Your photo should be full color with no filters or effects.
  • The photo background should be neutral without objects or other people.
  • Face straight ahead and crop the image from just above the top of the head to the collarbone.
  • Do not take the photo from a skewed angle or with anything blocking your head or face.
  • Your face should be centered in the image.
  • Your face and eyes should be clearly visible with no hats, sunglasses, hair covering face, etc.
  • Appropriate attire should be worn.

Examples of Appropriate ID Photos


Good Photo
Good Photo
Good Photo



Examples of Inappropriate ID Photos


Black & White Photo
Busy Background




Cropped too Closely
Filtered Image
Group Photo




Nothing Blocking Face
No Hats
No Odd Angles