To ensure that your photo is suitable for your Charger Card, please follow the guidelines below.

File Format

We accept photos in jpg, png, or gif format.



Card Example with 450px x 600px picture



yes 1 450 600


    Example of Acceptable Photo


blury 450 600


     Example of Unacceptable Photo



Photo should be full color, and background must be solid, smooth, and have a light coloring with no patterns, objects, textures, etc.


yes2 450 600


     Example of Acceptable Photo




Do not submit photos that are black and white, have filters or any effects applied.


busy background 450 600


           No Busy Background


filter 450 600


               No Filtered Photo


bw 450 600


           No Black & White Image


Your Photo

Face straight ahead and cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone. Face and eyes should be clearly visible.


yes3 450 600


     Example of Acceptable Photo




No hats, sunglasses or other objects should appear in the photo.


hat 450 600


                     No Hats


cropped close 450 600


        No Close Cropped Image


group 450 600


               No Group Photos


Orientation Students

How to submit your photo online

  • Read the guidelines and review examples of proper photos.
  • Log into your new Charger Card account on myUAH and look under "Campus Services."
  • Under "Campus Services" click on "Online Photo Submission" link located below the "Charger Card" heading.
  • After clicking the link you will arrive to your Charger Card student information page. Please click the link there to submit a new photo.
  • Your new Charger Card will be available for pickup at the check-out table at your scheduled orientation session.

**Important – Please remember to bring a valid government issued photo ID card to obtain your Charger Card.**


If You Are Not Part of New Student Orientation:

How to submit your photo online

  1. If you have lost your Charger Card, and would like a replacement card with a new photo, visit myUAH and click on "Online Photo Submission" under the Campus Services heading.
  2. You will see your current photo with a link to submit your new photo. This link will redirect you to the Charger Card online photo submission page.
  3. Review the requirements and upload a correct photo.
  4. Once your photo is approved, your new Charger Card will be printed and ready to be picked up. Our office is located in Charger Union, room 131.

*** Please be advised that you will be charged a $25 replacement fee to be charged to your student account after a new photo is submitted and approved.


Terms and Conditions

All photos are subject to approval by staff in the Charger Card Office.

The use of any photo submitted is to obtain a new Charger Card. If you want a new picture on your Charger Card, the standard replacement fee of $25 applies and will be charged to your student account.