Bill Number and Title
Bill Action

 Bill 382

Notification to Senate of Deanships

  •  Received by FSEC 10/15/15 and forwarded to the Governance and Operation Committee for review and recommendation.
  • Bill passed first reading on 9/8/16.  It will be sent to the Faculty Senate for second reading 9.15.16.
  • Bill did not pass second reading unanimously on 9.15.16.  It will be on the agenda for 10.20.16.

Bill 388

Policy on Plus/Minus Grading

  • A resolution was received from the SGA on 10/15/15. It was forwarded to the Undergraduate Scholastics. The committee was tasked to draft Bill 388 as a response to the SGA resolution. The Bill was submitted to the FSEC for discussion on 4/21/16. Few amendments were made and the Bill passed the first reading. The full senate took up the Bill on 4/28/16 and after a lengthy discussion, the senate recommended sending the Bill back to the Undergraduate Scholastics committee for further review.

Bill 393

Student Evaluation of Teaching

  • Received by FSEC 8/25/2016.
  • Tabled on 4/20/2017.
  • Discussion voted to end on 5/04/2017.  No other action was made.

Bill 396

Proposed Bill Proposing New Process for Small Grant Applications through the Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Passed second and third reading 10/20/2016.

Bill 397

UAH Tuition Capital Campaign

  • Received by FSEC 11/10/2016.  Passed first reading 11/10/2016.  Placed on agenda for faculty senate meeting 11/17/2016.
  • Bill did not pass on 11/17/2017

Bill 402

Open Announcement and Review of Internal Selection for Limited Submission Proposals and Internal UAH Proposals

  • Tabled on 4/20/2017.
  • Bill was sent out to committees on 5/04/2017.

Bill 403

Retention and Progress to Graduation

  • Passed second and third reading on 5/04/2017.

Bill 405

Diversity and Inclusiveness

  • Passed second and third reading 3/23/2017.

Bill 408

UAH Faculty Career Advancement

  • Bill failed to pass on 5/04/2017.

Bill 409

Revenue Sources for Development of Online Learning at UAH

  • Passed second and third reading 5/04/2017.

Bill 415

Reestablishment of Budget and Planning Committee and Establishment of University and College Fee Committees

  • Received by FSEC 10/12/2017.  Passed first reading 10/12/2017.  Placed on agenda for faculty senate meeting 10/19/2017.