Bill Number and Title
Bill Action

 Bill 382

Notification to Senate of Deanships

  •  Received by FSEC 10/15/15 and forwarded to the Governance and Operation Committee for review and recommendation.
  • Bill passed first reading on 9/8/16.  It will be sent to the Faculty Senate for second reading 9.15.16.
  • Bill did not pass second reading unanimously on 9.15.16.  It will be on the agenda for 10.20.16.

Bill 388

Policy on Plus/Minus Grading

  • A resolution was received from the SGA on 10/15/15. It was forwarded to the Undergraduate Scholastics. The committee was tasked to draft Bill 388 as a response to the SGA resolution. The Bill was submitted to the FSEC for discussion on 4/21/16. Few amendments were made and the Bill passed the first reading. The full senate took up the Bill on 4/28/16 and after a lengthy discussion, the senate recommended sending the Bill back to the Undergraduate Scholastics committee for further review.

Bill 396

Proposed Bill Proposing New Process for Small Grant Applications through the Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Passed second and third reading 10/20/2016.

Bill 397

UAH Tuition Capital Campaign

  • Received by FSEC 11/10/2016.  Passed first reading 11/10/2016.  Placed on agenda for faculty senate meeting 11/17/2016.
  • Bill did not pass on 11/17/2017

Bill 403

Retention and Progress to Graduation

  • Passed second and third reading on 5/04/2017.

Bill 405

Diversity and Inclusiveness

  • Passed second and third reading 3/23/2017.

Bill 409

Revenue Sources for Development of Online Learning at UAH

  • Passed second and third reading 5/04/2017.

Bill 418

Campus Sexual Assault Evidentiary Standards

  • Received by FSEC 11/6/2017.
  • Sent to Faculty and Student Development Committee 11-9-2017.

Bill 423

Updating OIT Policies

  • Placed on faculty senate agenda 2-16-2018.
  • Placed on faculty senate agenda 3-18-2018.
  • Passed second reading unanimously 5-17-2018.
  • Voted to send to Finance and Resource Committee 11-8-2018.

Bill 424

Science Direct Continuation for 2019 at UAH Library


  • Received by FSEC 9-27-2018.
  • Voted to send to committee 9-27-2018.
  • Passed unanimously by the senate 11-15-2018.

 Bill 425

Framework to Initiate or Expand Programs of Study

  •  Received by FSEC 10-4-2018.
  • Voted to send to committees 10-4-2018.

Bill 428

Correlation between Retention and Graduation Rates a length of study days before finals

  • Received by FSEC 12-4-2018.
  • Passed first reading 12-4-2018.
  • Failed to pass second reading 12-13-18.

Bill 431

Transparency in Flood-related Hazards in Shelby Center Bldg

  • Received by FSEC 3/14/2019.
  • Passed first reading 3-14-2019.
  • Passed second and third reading unanimously 3-28-2019.

Bill 432

Tech Hall Upkeep 

  • Received by FSEC 3/14/2019.
  • Passed first reading 3-14-2019.
  • Passed second and third reading unanimously 3-28-2019.

Bill 445

Proposed Online Education Policy Approval

  • Received by FSEC 2/13/2020.
  • Passed first reading 2/13/2020.
  • Passed third reading 4/8/2021.

Bill 453

This Could Be You

  • Received by FS 10/22/2020.
  • Passed first reading as Emergency Bill 11/5/2020.
  • Referred by Senate to Gov. & Ops Comm., 1/28/2021.

Bill 454

Faculty Handbook Chapter 7

  • Received by FSEC 11/2/2020.
  • Sent to Personnel Committee 11/5/2020.

Bill 461

Modification of Section 9.3.5 Reduction of Teaching Load due to External Contract Funding


  • Received by FSEC 4/1/2021.

Bill 472

Online Attendance and Voting for Faculty Senate and Senate Committee Meetings

  • Received by FSEC 10/6/2022.

Bill 473

Establishing a Consistent Yearly Budget for Graduate Teaching Assitantships

  • Received by FSEC 10/6/2022.

Bill 474

Improving Transparency, Shared Governance, and Record Keeping in Reappointing Department Chairs

  • Received by FSEC 10/6/2022.

Bill 475

Adjustments for Graduate Teaching Assistant Stipends

  • Received by FSEC 10/6/2022.