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The Sustainability Committee

Charge: To provide guidance and direction for grassroots innovation on campus; to provide leadership in sustainability efforts and initiatives in our respective departments on campus; to enhance collaboration and partnerships across campus; to provide feedback and strategic guidance to the UAH Sustainability Program.


Campus-wide planning and collaboration are ways that UAH strategizes, organizes, and implements sustainability initiatives.

Participatory Governance

Stakeholder engagement and strategic planning are important steps in making our campus more sustainable.  Students, faculty, and staff can become advocates for sustainability and implement initiatives to achieve sustainability goals by participating in the SGA, University Committees, and Faculty or Staff Senates.

Diversity & Affordability

In order to build a sustainable society, diverse groups will need to be able to come together and work collaboratively to address economic and environmental challenges.

To strengthen diversity at UAH, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is committed to improving social and cultural awareness and encouraging self-understanding through education, training, and engagement with others. ODEI actively supports a core value of the university-Inclusiveness and Diversity – and is committed to a campus environment that honors the individual, celebrates differences, and fosters equal opportunities. ODEI creates and supports an optimal learning and working environment through diverse collaborations that focus on EEO concerns, Affirmative Action directives and reporting, Title IX initiatives, Campus Climate, and campus and community diversity outreach programming. 

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping students find all the financial aid options available. Because at UAH, we believe your focus should be on your education – not how you’re going to pay for it. At UAH, more than 2/3 of our students receive financial assistance of some kind.

Wellbeing & Work

The health and wellness of our students, as well as our faculty & staff, are important to us at UAH. Providing wellness and recreation programs along with smoke-free environments can enhance the health and wellbeing of the entire campus community. UAH strives to minimize workplace injuries and plans for emergencies and severe weather to help ensure that all students and employees enjoy a safe learning environment and a socially responsible workplace.

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