Charge your way to a healthy 2021! Participate in the Charger Fit Wellness Program to explore new ways to improve your health!

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Step 1: Portal Registration

1. Visit and select "First Time User? Click here to register". Select "Participant".

2. Enter your first and last name,  group number (S2841), and email address. Follow the prompts to complete registration and complete email authentication. 

Please Note: UAH group participants will not use the last four digits of their SSN. Please enter the last four digits of your employee ID number (A#) in place of the SSN.  

3. Click "Wellness Center" under right-hand Quick Links. You will be prompted to create a username and password. *You'll use this username and password to log into the Gilsbar Wellness App.

4. Click "Create Username". 

Step 2: Mobile Access

1. Download the Gilsbar-Wellness app on your mobile device.

2. Bypass the Registration Code field by selecting "Already Have Login".

3. Enter the username and password created in Step 1: Portal Registration above. (You can view your username and update your password at any time on the Account Settings page in your Wellness Center.)  

Participating employees have the opportunity to receive one of two wellness incentives by completing the requirements by October 31, 2021


  • Health Assessment: Available through the online wellness portal (50 points)
  • Biometric Screening**: Complete at the Faculty and Staff Clinic or your primary physician. The UAH screening form must be turned in to the Faculty and Staff clinic to receive points.

Wellness Incentive

Tier 1: Complete Health Assessment (50 points), Biometric Screening** (50 points), AND earn 200 additional points* (300 total points) to receive a $50 wellness incentive.

Tier 2: Complete Health Assessment (50 points), Biometric Screening** (50 points), AND earn 300 additional points* (400 total points) to receive a $100 wellness incentive.

*Point earning activities can be found at  Log in to the wellness center and click "Incentives & Rewards" tile for more details on each point earning opportunity. Activities will also be listed monthly in the Charger Fit Wellness Newsletter.

**Employees can visit their PCP or the Faculty and Staff Clinic to get the biometric screening completed.


Charger Fit Wellness Newsletter


View more information about the Charger Fit Wellness Program or contact Human Resources at 256-824-2259. 


Wellness Resources
  • Deskercise
  • EAP - Employee Assistance Program
  • LifeSpeaks
    • Loneliness: Understanding loneliness and its impact on our mental and physical health.
    • Addressing Anxiety Head On: Demystifying anxiety and the treatments available to those suffering.
    • Depression from A to Z: All about depression, from assessment and diagnosis to medical and evidence-based treatment options.
    • A Practical Guide to Mindfulness: A hands-on guide on how to bring mindful awareness to everyday moments, practice compassion, and improve resilience.
    • Building Resilience: How to build and maintain resilience in the face of everyday stresses and experiences.
    • Stress Mastery: How to master stress, including how to prevent it, recognize it, and manage it effectively using your energy, mind, and other mechanisms.
    • Toward Thriving: Positive Psychology: How to apply positive psychology to your personal and work life in order to achieve your goals, practice gratitude, celebrate success, and understand what happiness really is.
    • The Science of Wellbeing and Happiness: The major tenets of well-being and how each of us can find happiness and well-being from within by using simple daily strategies. 
    • Understanding and Coping with Grief: The process of grief and mourning, and practical tools to help employees and their families and co-workers cope with grief.
    • Psychological Wellness in the Workplace: The principles of psychological health at work as well as the link between well-being and employee performance.
    • Understanding and Managing Anxiety and Worry in Your Child/Teen: Learn about anxiety, stress, and worry in children and teens in order to provide them with the best support possible.
    • Better Sleep for Better Health: The link between sleep and mental health, how to overcome sleep problems, and debunking common myths about sleep.
  • myBlueWellness (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama)
  • Pal To Pal Challenge
  • Preparing for a Hurricane | CDC: Preparing for Hurricane or Other Tropical Storm
  • Quit for Life
  • Walking Trails
  • University Fitness Center - Exercise programs 

If you have ideas, comments, or suggestions regarding the employee wellness program or web page, please submit those ideas to:

Office Phone: 824.2259

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