UAH has in the past embarked on a strategic planning effort, and various individual unit plans exist as well. It is important periodically to review plans, update them, and develop a cohesive plan, which is simple, yet elegant, supported by complementary unit plans, that i) charts a direction, ii) allows efforts to be aligned around common objectives, iii) influences resource allocation decisions as appropriate, and iv) allows a competitive advantage to be articulated clearly. Toward that end, we began a comprehensive strategic planning process in January 2012 consisting of developing the following elements:

  • Mission: Purpose
  • Vision: Desired end-state at some point in the future
  • Core Values: Guide behavior
  • Value Proposition: What is promised to be delivered; why we matter to constituents and customers
  • Goals: What is to be accomplished in order to reach our vision
  • Strategic Priorities: Define direction to accomplish goals
  • Strategic Objectives: Guide fulfillment of Strategic Priorities; results can be measured
  • Tactics: Actions required to meet Strategic Objectives

The Planning process consisted of a Planning Steering Committee, of approximately some thirty members, to draft plan elements through Strategic Objectives. At that point, a number of focused Task Forces, each consisting of approximately ten or twelve members, were established around Strategic Objectives. The Task Forces were charged with reviewing the draft work of the Planning Steering Committee, drafting Tactics, which when executed would result in Strategic Objectives being met, and making recommendations back to the Planning Steering Committee. Tactics were prioritized at the Planning Steering Committee level.

The Planning process resulted in the Strategic Plan detailed here as well as a Tactical Plan. Progress in meeting established targets of the Strategic Objectives will be assessed periodically by tracking metrics associated with the various Strategic Objectives and assessing overall performance through application of the Balanced Scorecard.

Strategic Plan 2028