Welcome to the Plasma and Electrodynamics Research Lab (PERL) at the The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). The lab is part of the Propulsion Research Center (PRC) and the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department. The lab was founded in 2012 under the direction of Prof. Gabe Xu. PERL conducts research in plasma physics and electromagnetics for propulsion, materials, combustion, biomedical, and energy. We are focused on understanding the fundamental physics and interactions of plasmas to create new applications for society.

The lab goals are:

1. Develop new plasma applications to benefit society.
2. Study, investigate, and understand fundamental plasma phenomenon to gain predictive understanding of the physics.


fall 2021 perl group pictureFall 2021 PERL group, ninja mode. (Left to Right) Nao Murata, Zachary White, Josie Hodges, Mary Kate Long, Sydney Miller, Andrew Walsten, Neil Laya, Declan Brick, Nageshwar Nagarajan, Michaela Hemming, Gabe Xu.