PERL conducts experimental testing in both vacuum and atmospheric pressure conditions. 

Vacuum Chambers

PERL has two small vacuum chambers used for low pressure experiments. The cylindrical chamber has an internal volume 70 cm long and 40 cm in diameter. Various feedthrough ports and windows allow instrument and visual access. The chamber is pumped by a turbomolecular pump and back by a mechanical pump.

vacuum chamber


The second chamber is a small box that measures 30 x 30 x 20 cm. It is also pumped by a turbomolecular pump.

We also have access to the facilities at the Propulsion Research Center for larger projects.

RF and Microwave Power Generator

PERL operates an RF and microwave signal generator for RF plasma studies.


We have the capability to construct and test combustion rigs of various sizes and pressure.

 flat flame burner    bunsen burner


PERL employs a range of commercial and lab built diagnostics and tools to study combustion and plasmas phenomenon.

TSI TDL+ dye laser system

The dye laser system is employed to conduct laser induced florescence (LIF) measurements of combustion and plasma processes. Properties such as species concentration and temperature can be readily measured with LIF. The system is pumped with a Brilliant B Nd:YAG pulsed laser and images are taken with an iStar ICCD camera.

dye laser

Princeton Instruments SP2500 Spectrometer/Monochromator

The SP2500 is an advanced spectrometer/monochromator system that is used to conduct optical emission spectroscopy of flames and plasmas. The instrument can be used either as a wide spectrum spectrometer or tight band monochromator depending on the set up. Current a Princeton Instruments PI-MAX 4 spectroscopy camera is used.

Langmuir Probes

Langmuir probes, also known as electrostatic probes, are a common plasma diagnostic tool used to measure plasma potential. electron temperature, electron number density, ion number density, and the electron energy distribution function. The probe are build in-house to suit the experiment. Single to triple filament probes are used in both vacuum and atmospheric pressures. RF compensated probes are also available.