UAH offers 21 academically challenging online programs through a variety of carefully selected online learning (OL) formats, each deemed most appropriate for the course content and design of our departments and colleges.

online and hybrid online programs offered at UAH

Courses offered may use Canvas (UAH's course management system), Panopto (UAH's class capture technology), Blackboard Collaborate/Wimba/Adobe Connect (UAH's synchronous chat and presentation tool), Videoconferencing (real-time live broadcast from or to UAH from UAB and UA), or a combination of these methods for delivery. We are constantly expanding our course and program offerings to best meet the needs of our students. For a list of courses offered through OL planned for each semester, please browse upcoming courses from the UAH Current Class Schedules. Courses are coded in the UAH Class Schedule as O (100% online, no on-campus meetings typically required), H (Hybrid, 51%-99% online, some on-campus meetings may be required), and T (Traditional format, less than 51% online material, standard on-campus class meeting schedule will apply).

If you have a request for a course or program that is not currently offered, please submit your Online Course/Program Request.

Online Learning Mission Statement:

Online learning courses and programs offered by The University of Alabama in Huntsville aim to maximize student access through the use of electronic course delivery systems. All courses and programs are consistent with and support the University’s mission and strategic plan, with a focus on enhancement of student access to learning and success in their educational pursuits across undergraduate and graduate coursework opportunities.

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