Ethics Matter at UAH

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is committed to conducting its affairs in ways that promote mutual trust and public confidence.  All members of the UAH community are responsible for sustaining the highest ethical standards of excellence, integrity, honesty, and fairness, and for integrating these values into teaching, research, business practices, and other services.  

Acting ethically and professionally is everyone's responsibility. All UAH Members have a duty to properly report, or cause to be properly reported, any Wrongful Conduct. Additionally, as appropriate, UAH Members must cooperate with any investigation.

Individuals should feel free to direct their concerns relating to Wrongful Conduct to any UAH employee who can properly address those concerns. In most cases, a direct advisor, manager, or supervisor may be the person best suited to address concerns.

The following offices can also be contacted based upon the nature of the Wrongful Conduct:

Wrongful Conduct involving UAH faculty and staff

  • Office of Human Resources
  • Shelbie King Hall, Room 102
  • 256-824-6545

Wrongful Conduct involving sex discrimination and harassment

  • Title IX Office
  • Shelbie King Hall 358
  • 256-824-7854

Wrongful Conduct posing actual or imminent danger or threats of violence to persons or property

  • UAH Police
  • Intermodal Facility, Room 123
  • 911 or 256-824-6911

Wrongful Conduct involving known or suspected instances of retaliation

  • Office of Risk Management and Compliance
  • Shelbie King Hall, Room 229
  • 256-824-6875

Wrongful Conduct involving students

  • Office of Student Ethics & Education
  • Dean of Students
  • Charger Union, Suite 223
  • 256-824-6700
  • Charger 360 reporting tool:

Anonymous Reporting

In situations where an individual prefers to place an anonymous report in confidence, the individual is encouraged to use the UAH Ethics hotline, hosted by a third-party provider. The hotline is designed for use by all members of the UAH community. Visit the Ethics Hotline page for details.

Ethics Hotline


Retaliation against any individual who reports, in good faith, Wrongful Conduct or who participates in the investigation of Wrongful Conduct is prohibited, and is a violation of the UAH’s 06.09.03 Duty to Report and Protection from Retaliation Policy.

Compliance Matrix

Please note this list is not exhaustive. The information contained in this document was compiled from multiple sources, including The Higher Education Compliance Alliance, and is intended to serve as general guidance only. This matrix should not be relied upon for legal advice. All questions pertaining to legal advice regarding rules, laws, regulations, legislation, and policies should be directed to the Office of Counsel. View Compliance Matrix.