Ethics Matter at UAH

High ethical standards are vital to workplace morale; and productivity and maintaining them is a core value for UAH.
We want you to feel comfortable in approaching your supervisor or management in instances where you believe violations of unethical behavior has occurred.

In situations where you prefer to place an anonymous report in confidence, you are encouraged to use this hotline, hosted by a third-party hotline provider, EthicsPoint.

If you have concerns about actual or potential unethical or unlawful work-related misconduct violations, you may report by:

• Phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1.866.362.9476
• Online:

Wrongful Conduct examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Illegal or fraudulent activity;
  • False claims, financial misstatements, or accounting or auditing irregularities;
  • Undisclosed or unmanaged conflicts of interests;
  • Physical, sexual, verbal, and mental abuse;
  • Gross mismanagement of a contract or grant;
  • Gross waste of funds and other resources;
  • Abuse of authority, including that relating to a contract or grant;
  • Giving false information, knowingly making false statements, or failing to cooperate in an investigation;
  • A substantial and specific danger to public health or safety;
  • A violation of law, regulation, UAH policy or code of conduct, contractual obligation, or grant;
  • A supervisor or UAH official compelling a UAH Member to violate a law, regulation, UAH policy or code of conduct, contractual obligation, or grant;
  • Falsification, fabrication, or plagiarism of research or scholarly activities or the pressure or demand to do the same or,
  • Retaliation against any individual who reports, in Good Faith, Wrongful Conduct or who participates in the investigation of Wrongful Conduct

After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Keep your report key and password in a safe place. After 5 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.

After receiving the report, EthicsPoint provides a copy of the report to the UA System Office.  Any reports that pertain to UAH are then assigned to the UAH Office of Risk Management and Compliance.
Reports will be investigated promptly and efficiently, but without sacrificing the need to be thorough and fair.

Thank you for your help with this important effort.

Note: EthicsPoint is NOT a 911 or Emergency Service:

Do not use this site to report immediate threats to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please call 911.


Ethics Hotline

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 866.362.9476 or by reporting online.