Administrators must get access approval from their area manager to maintain editing access to the UAH website. Administrators must also complete Joomla training before access can be granted. Joomla training is currently held over Zoom and takes 2 hours. If you need Joomla access, send a request to and be sure to CC your area manager. We will then review your request and follow-up with you via email regarding next steps.

What I can do with Joomla Access

A Joomla Administrator with appropriate training and access can perform the below tasks. If, while using Joomla you require assistance, need retrained, or have questions, please contact

  • Edit text on a web page
  • Edit links on a web page
  • Add or remove properly formatted images on a web page
  • Add or remove documents on a web page (PDF, Spreadsheet)
  • Create a news article (but can't publish)
  • Create a new web page (but can't publish)
  • Most features and functionality on the Base HTML Elements page. Depending on the task some HTML editing may be involved.

What I can't do with Joomla Access

A Joomla Administrator will not be able to perform the below tasks. If you need any of these services, please contact

  • Publish a new web page or news article
  • Remove a web page or news article
  • Edit image galleries or carousels
  • Embed video from external hosting services (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Edit or move navigation elements (menus, menu items, nav tiles, news tiles)
  • Build a new site or redesign an existing site
  • Set a redirect or create a vanity URL
  • Create, edit or move modules on a web page
  • Create or edit employee profiles (this requires profile builder access)
  • Features and functionality on the Navigation & Modules page. HTML editing will be required.

Joomla Training Resources