Welcome to the UAH Web Style Guide

It's our goal to give you the tools to create and maintain a great website for your department.

Please review the pages in this section and refer to the Joomla training documentation provided to you. For assistance contact us at webmaster@uah.edu.
— UAH Web Team

UAH homepage on various screen sizes

Base HTML Elements

An introduction to responsive web design and examples of basic HTML elements such as headings, tables, photos, and buttons

news tile module example

Navigation & Modules

Examples and usage guidelines for custom-designed UAH web elements such as tile modules, spotlights, and link grids

example page

Successful Page Examples

Examples of well-designed web pages and key concepts for success

typing at laptop

Writing for the Web

Guidelines for writing effective and engaging content

Screenshot of an image being cropped

Image Crop Tool

Tool for cropping images for Web use following the Web Style Guide

Joomla logo

Joomla Training

Training and resources for UAH web administrators