Image Crop Tool

Image to be cropped
Crop Preview
Crop Dimensions

Maximum Allowed: 1440 x 810
Minimum Allowed: 720 x 405

  • Click the Upload New Image button to upload an image file from your computer. The image's dimensions must be at least 720 x 405.
  • Select the desired crop area by dragging and resizing the cropper layer on top of the image. The minimum allowed crop dimensions are 720 x 405. The maximum allowed crop dimensions are dependent upon the dimensions of the uploaded image. The absolute maximum allowed crop dimensions are 1440 x 810.
  • Click the View / Download Cropped Image button to preview the cropped image in a popup.
  • Click the Download Image button on the popup to download the cropped image to your computer. The file will be named the same as the original file with "cropped-" added to the beginning of the filename.
  • View the Web Style Guide for more details regarding imagery.



This image crop tool can only be used on screens wider than 1000px.