Adding a New Table

Tables are used primarily when you have tabular data (in rows and columns). If it is appropriate for a spreadsheet then it is an appropriate use of tables. You should not use tables in order to lay out your page. Using tables for layout is not a W3 standard.

Instructions for Adding a Table

  1. Place your cursor where you'd like to the table to appear in your article.
  2. Click the editor toolbar Inserts a New Table button (the Table with Pencil button) to insert a table with the necessary columns and rows. Click Insert.
  3. Enter your data in the newly created table.
  4. To make the first row a Heading row, place your cursor inside the first cell in the first row. Click the Table Row Properties button.
  5. Under the General tab in the pop-up, change Row in Table Part selection to Table Head. Click Update.
  6. With the same first cell in the first row selected, click the Table Cell Properties button.
  7. In the Tables pop-up window, change Cell type to Header. Change bottom drop-down menu to Update all cells in row. Click Update.
  8. Click the Insert Row After button to add new rows.
  9. To add table borders, right-click on the table and select Table Properties from the pop-up menu.
  10. In the pop-up, click Advanced tab. For Class, type in table and if you'd like borders on your tables also type in table-bordered. For a variety of types of table formatting, see the Web Style Guide for code snippets or options.
  11. Click Update in the Tables pop-up. Click Save & Close button to save and view your work.