Linking to Documents

You can link to a document (such as a PDF) by uploading it to the server and creating a link to the file. Since you only have access to your own department's folders, you will need to navigate to your area's folder to upload your document to the correct location. 

Instructions for Documents

  1. Select the text in your article that you'd like to use as your link.
  2. Click the Insert/Edit Link button.
  3. In the Link pop-up window, click the Browse icon to the right of the URL field.
  4. In the File Browser, click the folder that corresponds to the article category, then the pdfs folder.
  5. In the top right of the pop-up window, click the Upload icon.
  6. In the Upload window, drag and drop or Browse to select the PDF file saved to your desktop.
  7. Click the Upload button.
  8. Select your PDF file in the File Browser and click Insert.
  9. Click Insert.
  10. Click Save & Close and test your file link.