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Established in 2007 by Dr. Lingze Duan, the Precision Ultrafast Light Sciences (PULS) group at UAH is a cradle of innovative ideas in optical science and engineering. We are all fascinated by the intriguing nature of light, and we strive to extend the boundary of optics and photonics toward shorter time scales, higher precision, lower noise, and broader scopes of scientific contexts. The research activities at PULS encompass the areas of ultrafast laser sciences, fiber optics, atmospheric optics, semiconductor nanophotonics, nonlinear optics, optical sensing, optical metrology, and spectroscopy. They also involves strong interdisciplinary collaboration with other fields such as astrophysics, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

PULS currently operates three state-of-the-art laboratories. Key research facilities include one of the only few optical frequency synthesizer systems (frequency comb lasers) in the nation, a sub-8 femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser system, and a spectral phase interferometry system for direct electric-filed reconstruction (SPIDER). We also enjoy the convenient access to the optical fabrication facilities of the Center for Applied Optics (CAO) and the 7,600 sq. ft. clean room facility of the Nano and Micro Device Center (NMDC), both located in the same building with PULS. Our research is currently funded by NSF, NASA and the State of Alabama.

Besides research, PULS also serves as an educational hub. Students at all levels, from freshmen to doctoral candidates, can find suitable projects here and can work directly with Dr. Duan. Since 2009, several Ph.D./M.S. students have graduated from PULS, and a number of undergraduate students have completed their capstone research or REU research here. PULS is also actively engaged in various outreach activities. Supervised by Dr. Duan, the Society of Optics Students (SOS) is an undergraduate student club aiming to promote optics education in UAH and the northern Alabama region. Each year, many local K-12 students visit our labs and compete in the Science Olympiad events supervised by PULS group members.

The Huntsville and northern Alabama region is a vibrant community with enormous high-tech presence. We greatly enjoy the proximity to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center where the nation's space program started more than a half-century ago, to US Army's Redstone Arsenal where the Army's aviation and missile defense command is located, and to the Cummings Research Park, the nation's second largest research park that includes R&D centers of such major tech companies as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, SAIC and Teledyne Brown. As an integrated part of this community, PULS sets its vision at becoming a nationally recognized research program in optics and photonics while serving the needs of the local community. We cordially invite the people who share the same vision to join us.


Dr. Lingze Duan
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
201 Optics Building
301 Sparkman Dr
Huntsville, AL 35899

Office Phone: 256-824-2138
Lab Phone: 256-824-2486
Fax: 256-824-6873
Email: lingze.duan@uah.edu

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