Perpetua 2018 Schedule

About Perpetua

Perpetua is the UAH undergraduate research journal. It is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes original research produced by UAH students of any college or department. Two issues of Perpetua are published each academic year, one for the fall semester and another during the spring semester. All of the papers Perpetua publishes are sponsored by a faculty mentor and subject to the peer review process. Perpetua strives to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and academic rigor. Perpetua is publicly available and serves to grow the reputation of UAH as a premiere research institution and to make the UAH student body, alumni, and the general public aware of the research occurring on campus.

Mission Statement

Perpetua exists to provide a platform for publication for research performed by UAH undergraduates in all academic disciplines. It also serves to draw attention to the diverse array of projects taking place at UAH.

Perpetua's goals are to recognize and publish original research, foster collaboration throughout the university, and to build interdisciplinary appreciation.

Name & Logo

Perpetua is Latin for continuous or everlasting. The logo for Perpetua is the torch. The name and logo of Perpetua represent the never ending pursuit of knowlege at the heart of academia.