• Submissions for the Fall issue will be accepted until September 21st.
  • Submissions for the Spring issue will be accepted until February 15th.
  • Submissions received past either deadline will automatically be considered for the next cycle.


Perpetua accepts research completed by undergraduate students of the University of Alabama in Huntsville under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The work should be substantially that of the student, and be sufficiently complete, original, and innovative to warrant publication. The research must have been completed while the student was an undergraduate at the UAH. Students may submit research within one year after graduating.

Faculty mentors may include tenure-earning and tenured faculty, lecturers, full-time research staff with Doctoral level credentials, and term faculty appointments. Professionals outside of UAH are also permissible with prior approval. Students must notify their mentor that they intend to submit for publication. The mentor should give guidance and advice, and is expected to critically read and approve the accuracy and content of the manuscript prior to submission. The mentor may agree to be listed as a co-author or contributor in the manuscript.

For research submissions involving human testing, submissions must include a statement of approval from the UAH Institutional Review Board, including the protocol approval number. This information must be provided via the submission form. More information can be found at


Please submit your manuscript as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.

Click here to download the complete Perpetua Style Guide.