OSP 17-01 Indirect (F&A) Cost Rate Exception Request/Approval
OSP 14-02 Miscellaneous Agreements Related to Sponsored Research: Non-Disclosure (Proprietary Information) Agreements; Teaming Agreements and Intellectual Property Agreements - Update (supersedes 07-01)
OSP 14-01 Sponsored Programs Proposal Submission Process – Update (supersedes 13-03)
OSP 13-01 Credit Sharing Policy
OSP 12-05 Residuals on Fixed Price Sponsored Programs Contracts (Supersedes OSP07-05)
OSP 12-04 Indirect Cost Recovery Charged to Parts to Fabricate Equipment/Account Codes 7435 and 7436 (Supersedes OSP07-03)
OSP 12-03 Indirect (F&A) Cost Rate Exception Request/Approval
OSP 12-02 FY13 Escalation Rate for Sponsored Research Proposals
OSP 12-02A Purchase of Personal Computers and Electronic Devices on Sponsored Projects
OSP 12-01 Foreign Travel
OSP 10-04 Proposing Leave Loaded Rates on Commercial Proposals


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