The Scientific Services Program (SSP) is an accelerated contract mechanism that enables all federal government organizations to obtain specialized scientific/technical services in order to accomplish organizational goals and mission objectives specifically related to research and development.

Through the SSP, non-government scientists, engineers, analysts, consultants, and subject matter experts can be quickly subcontracted to perform short-term, well-defined efforts when the expertise required is not available at the requesting government organization.  Edmond Scientific Company administers the SSP for U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) and is the prime contractor. Subcontracts are competitively issued to SSP task performers.  For additional information visit Scientific Services Program.

UAH does not need to become a subcontractor to Edmond Scientific Company to be considered for SSP Request for Proposals (RFPs).  However, in order to utilize this funding mechanism, you will need to send the Office of Sponsored Programs, a resume for key, senior staff that best represents the type of R&D that UAH conducts.  The resumes should include a brief summary of the qualification paragraph with the keywords that the gov't would include in their Performance Work Statements (PWS).  The link above provides additional information on SSP scope.

If you are interested in utilizing the SSP subcontracting mechanism, please forward your resume to Gloria Greene, email: Your resume will be sent, with the additional requested information to the Edmond Scientific POC.

You should consider this vehicle for your existing gov't clients to use to request R&D services from UAH.  General marketing information from SSP is attached,  in case the federal gov't clients are not familiar with SSP.

Army Research Office (ARO) Scientific Services Program (SSP)