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Building a campus worthy of an innovation hub

In conjunction with Rieth Jones Advisors, a nationally renowned development firm, The University of Alabama in Huntsville is proposing to build a 58-acre annex to expand its influence in the booming center of innovation that the greater Huntsville region has become. This development will be designed to inspire and foster relationships among students, faculty, industry, and the community; to broaden the scope of UAH’s academic innovation; and to recruit new talent.

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Phase I Guiding Principles


An accessible place that is open and safe, unifying the UAH properties and promoting comfortable multimodal transit options throughout.

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A welcoming place that encourages human interaction, fostering a sense of family and home as well as lifelong friendships.

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A unique place that celebrates the culture and values of UAH in creative, playful, and one-of-a-kind ways, boosting UAH spirit and pride.

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A resilient place that protects ecologies, champions sustainability, and invites interaction with nature in public parks and green spaces.

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A forward-thinking place that advances intrepid research and new technologies, supporting both academic sciences and advanced industries.

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A stimulating place that offers out-of-the-classroom learning experiences in spaces that encourage personal and group study.

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A dynamic place, bursting with activity and fun in the form of varied programing, entertainment, and recreation throughout the year.

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A healthy place that supports physical and mental well-being in facilities that prioritize fitness, nutrition, relaxation, and rest.

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Each development project will be financially self-sufficient and provide qualitative and quantitative (economic) returns to UAH.

Value Propositions

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Financial Impact

A mixed-use development of this magnitude will not only provide financial return to the University but will create and expand jobs within the Huntsville community, strengthening local economic impact.

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Investment in the Community

The redevelopment of this site will create a thriving environment for university users and community members, providing unique dining and retail options, world-class office and research facilities, enhanced educational opportunities, and creation of hundreds of jobs in the Huntsville market.

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