UAH co-hosts The Joy of Juneteenth with Dr. Opal Lee

Sep 13, 2022

September 6, 2022 | Nicholaos …

UAH to host The Joy of Juneteenth with Dr. Opal Lee August 28 & 29, 2022

Aug 16, 2022

The Joy of Juneteenth brings Dr. Opal Lee to the City of Huntsville to discuss the history and significance of celebrating the anniversary of the day General Gordon Granger proclaimed the emancipation of enslaved people in …

UAH to host The Huntsville Human Rights Film Festival March 30 – April 3, 2022

Feb 11, 2022

The Huntsville Human Rights Film Festival will take place March 30 – April 3 on the campus of the University of Alabama in …

An interview with Humanities Center guest Dr. Blake Ball

Feb 07, 2022

By: Greta "Gigi" Rhuberg (Secondary Education & History)

Dr. Blake Ball says that Peanuts works as a window to the public’s perception of the world. In his research for Charlie Brown's America: The Popular Politics of Peanuts, Ball came …

Portrait Danae Xanthe sitting at a piano.
Music alumna Danaë Xanthe Vlasse in GRAMMY consideration discusses her latest album and supporting the performing arts

Sep 22, 2021

Danaë Xanthe Vlasse followed her aspirations of composing music to Los Angeles, California, where she is experiencing a level of success many musicians only dream …

Gerry Schaffer
Gerry Schaffer wins 2020 Alumni of Achievement award for CAHS

Oct 06, 2020

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a part of the University of Alabama System, announced that Gerry Schaffer has won the 2020 Alumni of Achievement Award for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social …

View of Morton Hall Renovations & new extension from across the quad.
Morton Hall reopens with 21st century panache, versatility

Sep 17, 2020

It’s a fact of life: change is inevitable. And Morton Hall has witnessed its fair share over the past six decades. The historic structure houses the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHS) at the University of Alabama in …

Ron Guthrie
UAH Arts Coordinator Ron Guthrie lifts pandemic spirits with neighborhood recitals

Aug 05, 2020

Navigating challenging times can leave some feeling helpless, even temporarily hopeless, when weathering difficult situations beyond their control, such as the current …

Three image collage: Left: Actors on a stage. Middle: Rocket blasting off. Right: People in a technology field talking.
UAH Engineering, Psychology, Theatre faculty collaborate with NASA for “intentional improv” workshops

Jun 01, 2020

Faculty members from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) departments of Industrial and Systems Engineering & Engineering Management, Music, and Psychology have received two grants totaling $74 thousand through the NASA Systems …

Lecture by Dr. Shennette Garrett-Scott

Feb 06, 2020

Dr. Garrett-Scott discusses the relationship between black women and American finance capitalism from the Reconstruction era to the …