UAlert Emergency Notification System

About UAlert

UAlert is The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) emergency notification system. UAlert is a comprehensive communications solution that allows UAH to quickly disseminate an urgent message through multiple communication methods including:

Emergency messages from UAlert will show 256.824.7100 as the originating phone number for voice messages sent to cellular phones. Text messages will be from 226787, 67283, 78015 or 77295. Please add the phone number 256.824.7100 and 226787, 67283, 78015 and 77295 to your contacts and title the entry UAH Emergency. When UAlert is activated, you will then know there is an emergency message for you.

UAH has partnered with Rave Alert to provide critical notification services during emergencies and in routine business operations.

Updating Your UAlert Contact Preferences

To update your primary UAlert contact information, please be sure to add a cell phone under your "Permanent Address" in the Personal Information section of Self-service Banner.  To add additional phone numbers and email addresses, visit and use your Charger ID credentials to access your UAlert contact information.

Please note that you must add and update your primary cell phone number through the Banner Self-Service process described above.  Your official UAH email address is automatically enrolled in Rave Alert.


UAlert Tests

UAH regularly tests the UAlert system. Tests are usually conducted at least once per semester. These tests have the system send text messages, emails, and phone messages to the devices you chose. The tests allow us to evaluate several components of the system and for campus users to become accustomed to receiving emergency messages from the University.

Outdoor Sirens

The Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Agency tests the outdoor warning sirens each month. The tests usually last only a few seconds. The outdoor sirens are not part of UAlert, but we encourage you to take a moment when the sirens are tested to consider what your actions would be in the event of an actual tornado warning. Familiarize yourself with the protective areas in the campus buildings you visit regularly.