Emergency Notification System

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the UAlert System?

UAlert is the system used to deliver time-sensitive emergency notifications via voice messages, email, text-messaging, social media, and other methods to registered UAH student, faculty and staff soon after an emergency affecting the University campus.

How does it work?

In the event of a major emergency affecting the campus, UAH student, faculty, and staff will receive an emergency communication via the phone numbers, email accounts, and text messaging accounts registered in the UAlert system (Blackboard Connect).  Messages will include instructions on where to go to get further information. The need to activate the emergency notification system will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and will be used in conjunction with other emergency resources already in place, such as the emergency web site (emergency.uah.edu).

How will UAH use the UAlert emergency notification system?

UAH will use the UAlert system to send urgent life safety information and critical situational updates.  UAlert will not be used for routine communications.  The system will be tested each semester.  Tests will usually be announced and you may receive a test message during those scheduled events.

How will I know when I receive a message from the UAlert system?

The Caller ID function on your cell phone or landline (if available) will display the following number: (256) 824-7100. If you are notified via text message the incoming number will read: 89361. If you are receiving an email it will be from emergency@uah.edu.  You are encouraged to program these numbers and addresses into your devices so they will display "UAH Emergency" or something similar.

How do I know that all of my personal data will be secure and protected by the University and 3n?

The contact information you enter in the UAlert system will only be used by UAH an Blackboard Connect for the explicit purposes of notifying you in the event of an emergency and to conduct scheduled tests. Blackboard Connect has agreed that they have no right to use your contact information for any other purpose than notifying you via the UAlert system. UAlert does not sell, lease, share, rent, or barter personally identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of Blackboard Connect or their service providers.

On what devices will I receive an emergency notification?

You will receive an emergency notification from the UAlert system on all phone numbers (both cell and landlines), email addresses, and text messaging accounts you register with Blackboard Connect.  All students, faculty, and staff will receive notifications via their official UAH email account.  You may also subscribe to the official UAH Twitter feed (@UAHuntsville), the official UAH Facebook page, and the official UAH Police Department Facebook page.

Technical FAQ

Who do I contact if I need assistance accessing my UAlert account information?

The UAH Office of Information Technology Help Desk will be happy to assist you if you have difficulty accessing your UAlert account information.  Contact the Help Desk at 256-824-3333 or email them at helpdesk@uah.edu.

Can I change my emergency contact numbers?

Yes! You can change your contact information in the UAlert (Blackboard Connect) system at any time. When you register and log in through the Connect portal, you will have access to add and edit your emergency notification preferences.

What contact information should I use for the UAlert system?

Since the UAlert system will be used to notify you in an emergency situation, we strongly recommend that you provide contact information that will reach YOU, such as your cell number, text number,  and other personal contact methods which you regularly monitor.

Does UAH correct my personal contact information when it is wrong?

UAH does not verify the accuracy of the contact information you enter. Please check and edit your information as necessary to ensure that your UAlert information is correct.

Will I receive unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on my cell phone or email account as a result of giving my cell phone number to the University?

NO. The UAlert system has a rigid security policy in which only authorized personnel are permitted to send messages in the event of an emergency or required test.  UAH and Blackboard Connect will not sell or rent your contact information to third party marketers.

Is there a charge for subscribing to receive emergency messages via the UAlert system?

No.  There is no charge for the UAlert service from UAH. Depending on your wireless carrier provider and the plan you have, you may be charged a nominal fee to receive text or voice messages. For those with unlimited text messaging plans, there should be no additional charge.

Do I need to install software on my PDA or cell phone to receive text messages or emails?

The UAlert system uses standard industry text messaging protocol to send text messages to your phone. Most cellular phones are capable of receiving text messages.  Your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly. If you have questions about your ability to receive text on your device, contact your service provider for more information.  To receive emails on your mobile device you must have an email client installed and configured to receive emails from your official UAH email account and/or another email account which you have registered with the UAlert system.

When will you deactivate my subscription to the UAlert system?

Your contact information will be removed from the UAlert system when there is a change in your affiliation with the University (for students - graduation; for faculty/staff - change in employment status).

If I switch cell phone service providers, do I have to notify UAH that I have changed providers, even though my cell phone number remains the same?

The UAlert system will continue to send notices to you as long as your number remains the same. If your actual phone number changes, you will have to update your number in the system via the Blackboard Connect portal.