UAH Special Events oversees university events that are hosted by the Office of the President and/or the Board of Trustees. Additionally, Special Events manages special donor celebrations for University Advancement, university groundbreakings, and select events that elevate the university’s reputation. For all events, the Special Events team will use discretion with regard to their overall involvement/planning based on the event's intended purpose/outcome. The Special Events team will gladly advise and assist with venue scheduling and provide guidance on logistical components. External partners are required to have an internal campus sponsor to host events on UAH grounds/facilities.

Special Events also advises the UAH Lancers, a group of official UAH student ambassadors that has been in existence since 1973. When founded, the group was originally called the “Hosts and Hostesses”, but that name was formally changed to the Lancers as a nod to the former UAH mascot, who was a knight holding a lance and charging forward on his horse.

Please find below the necessary resources for planning a successful UAH event. For more information, please contact Emily Burnett, Special Events Manager at 256.824.6802 or specialevents@uah.edu.

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Special Events Request Form

SE Request Form if you need assistance for an upcoming event

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Event Guide

Step-by-step guide for planning a successful UAH event

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SSB Request Form

SSB 112/114/Lobby reservation request form

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Venue List

A list of campus venues

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Event Services

Information about how Event Services can assist with scheduling event spaces, room setup, and A/V needs

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Information about Lancer Ambassadors and how to request a Lancer