Research Institute 

von braun research hall

The Research Institute carries out applied research and engineering programs, principally to meet the needs of Department of Defense customers, but with significant related work for other government agencies and industry. Some Research Institute efforts are carried out in close cooperation with customers, on site at government laboratories. The Institute staff has expertise in covering the life cycle of aerospace, homeland security, industrial, and defense systems. These include systems engineering and project management, technical risk assessment, software engineering, and reliability and physics of failure and modeling of business processes, including supply chains. In addition, the Research Institute staff has expertise in the development and management of international projects and in organizational design and the management of research professionals. The Institute operates a laboratory for studying the interactions of hardware with its environment at a wide spectrum of speeds including hypersonics and has the capability to measure high velocity impact phenomenology.


For information about programs and activities of the Research Institute, please contact:

Dr. Steven Messervy,