Charger Sponsored Program Administration Network (CSPAN) a campus-wide educational program for all faculty and staff involved with research at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). The program includes the following:

SPA (Sponsored Programs Administration) Certification is a series of classes designed to help individuals build competencies and increase knowledge in areas related to sponsored research with the goal of increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness in the daily administration of sponsored research.

-          Faculty Certification: Designed specifically for researchers that will serve as Principle Investigator

-          Staff Certification: Presented twice a year with 2 levels of certification possible

Brown Bag Luncheons (Roundtable Discussions) will be offered during noon-time sessions, covering general topics throughout the year. Presentations by faculty, agency representatives, and various on-campus SMEs will be available. Individual departments/ centers will be able to schedule training/ briefings that tailor to their specific needs, according to availability. 

Seminars/ Workshops will be offered quarterly. These in-depth presentations will be facilitated by SMEs, both internal and external to the university, on topics of great interest to the research community as a whole. RCR credit will also be available during some of these sessions.

“How To” Fridays are interactive sessions that will be offered once a month. They will educate participants on how to successfully utilize various agencies’ proposal/ award portals. These sessions will also offer training on how to process internal actions, such as subcontracts, vendor bids, service centers, etc.

Tidbit Thursdays are currently available on OSP’s website as short YouTube videos intended to elaborate on processes and procedures that typically do not require face-to-face interaction for an understanding of the material.