UAH Procedure for Credit Card Contracts:

1. Funding agency should send statement of work to Research Administration indicating the PI and that this will be a credit card contract.

2. Research Administration contacts the PI and based on his/her information prepares a quote for the funding agency—usually faxed.

3. Funding agency contact calls Research Administration letting them know that the agency will accept this quote and providing the following information:

  • Credit card #, Credit card company, Credit card expiration date
  • Period of authorization
  • Statement of work, deliverables and deliverable person/location
  • Type of award (fixed price or cost reimbursable)
  • Invoice frequency & location

4. All credit card order will incur a fee of 2.75%.

5. Upon receipt of this information, Research Administration prepares a letter of understanding, signed by the Director of OSP, which is faxed to the funding agency for concurrence signature. This becomes our contractual document (example below.)

6. A "5" account is established and this is administered like other awards.

7. UAH PI informs Research Administration when work is complete/delivery has been made and invoice will be sent to funding agency.

Example letter of understanding:

Dear Mr. Doe:

The terms of referenced credit card order are listed below. If you concur, please sign where indicated and fax back to UAH OSP at 824-6677. Technical communication will be between you and Dr. Sam Smith at 824-0000. Please note that the University's mission is teaching and research and sponsored research must be consistent with this mission. Therefore, all research must be approached on a "best effort" basis and can not be distorted by the need to guarantee delivery of a product.

Order #: Mastercard xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (exp. 1/1/04)

Amount: $5,000

Period: 11/1/02-12/15/03

Scope of Work: Two power supply boxes built to the attached specifications

Delivery: On or before 12/15/03 to Mr. John Doe; Acme Corp, 5555 Memorial Parkway

Type: Fixed price

Invoice: Upon delivery to Ms. Ann Adams, Accounts Receivable, Acme Corp., 5555 Mem. Pkwy.

Sincerely, Concur: ___________________________

John Doe, Acme Corp.


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