Welcome to the Aerophysics Research Center


The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), Aerophysics Research Center (ARC) operates three two-stage light gas gun systems which provide a variety of capabilities to investigate the interactions of a high speed vehicle and its environment. The two major areas of application for this facility are in phenomenology related to hypervelocity impact (speeds at or greater than 2500 meters/sec or 8200 feet/sec) and hypersonic flight (speeds at or greater than Mach 5) in variable atmospheres. The gun systems utilize a fully enclosed flight range and are operated in a large high bay which provides for an all weather test capability.


Aerial View of Test Facility

hypervelocity-interior-ballistics1       hypervelocity-interior-ballistics2        hypervelocity-interior-ballistics3      hypervelocity-interior-ballistics4

Video Frames from a Hypervelocity Impact