In summer of 2021, UAH will host high-school students through the Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP), funded by the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP). This program is offered by two Departments in the College of Science: Biological Sciences (Dr. Tatyana Sysoeva) and Chemistry (Dr. Bernhard Vogler).

This program enables talented high school students from underrepresented backgrounds to participate in laboratory research projects at US research institutions. Students gain hands-on research experience that would otherwise be inaccessible. REAP is also designed to allow apprentices to learn about the Army education and career opportunities and become familiar with continuing education in STEM options.

AEOP, Army Educational Outreach Program

UAH has a long-standing tradition hosting REAP Apprentices. Since 2016, several research groups (Bernhard Vogler, Anusree Mukherjee, Sharifa Love-Rutledge, John Foster, Robert McFeeters, Tingting Wu, and Yu Lei) have hosted high school students from Northern Alabama. With the interruption of COVID-19 pandemic of REAP 2020 program, in 2021 the UAH is back to offer several REAP apprenticeships in the College of Science in the groups of Dr. Tatyana Sysoeva and Dr. Bernhard Vogler.

About AEOP

AEOP Apprenticeships help underrepresented and disadvantageous high school and undergraduate students to gain the skills and experience of conducting modern research in an academic or DoD research institutions with the goal of preparing the students for the STEM careers. Working during the summer months under direct supervision of STEM mentors, students are exposed to research methods and engineering principles and participate in hands-on activities.

AEOP Program goals are:

  • To develop participants' skills to prepare them for competitive entry into science and engineering undergraduate programs;
  • To provide high-school students from groups historically under-represented and underserved in STEM with an authentic science and engineering research experience;
  • To introduce students to the Army's interest in science and engineering research and the associated opportunities offered through the AEOP;
  • To provide participants with mentorship from a scientist or engineer for professional and academic development purposes.

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