• Supply Chain & Logistics Management - M.S.
  • Information Systems - M.S.
  • Master of Business Administration - M.B.A
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - BSBA (General Business major only)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning - Certificate
  • Human Resource Management - Certificate
  • Supply Chain Management - Certificate
  • Human Resource Management - MSM


  • Elementary Education - M.Ed.
  • Secondary Education - M.Ed.*
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders - M.Ed.* or Certificate*
  • Reading Education - M.Ed.*
  • English Speakers of Other Languages - M.Ed.
  • Instructional Leadership - M.Ed.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - M.S.


  • Engineering Management - MSE or Ph.D.*
  • Industrial Engineering - MSE or Ph.D.*
  • Operations Research - MSOR
  • Systems Engineering - MSE* or Ph.D.*
  • Civil Engineering - MSE* or Ph.D.*
  • Mechanical Engineering - MSE*
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering - MSASE*


  • Cybersecurity- M.S.*
  • Software Engineering - MSSE*


  • Nursing (RN) - BSN
  • Nursing Education - Certificate
  • Nursing Administration - MSN
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice - DNP
  • Joint Nursing Science - Ph.D.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences


* Hybrid program offered primarily through an online format

Online & Hybrid Online Courses

UAH offers a growing number of individual online courses in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, and Technical Writing at the undergraduate as well as graduate level.  As well, UAH is constantly increasing our offering of Hybrid Online classes (51% or more online), including Biology, Education, English, First Year Experience, Health & and Physical Education. For a list of available courses, as well as the option to search by course format type including Online (O) and Hybrid (H), see the UAH Interactive Course Schedule.


Professional Studies

Choose online, on demand courses and certificates led by industry professionals and university experts to increase your salary potential and career mobility. Remain at the forefront of your area of expertise, increase your knowledge, and advance in your professional career path — all through the convenience of 24/7 online access. Visit the Office of Professional and Continuing Education site here.