Resources for Lab Supervisors

Laboratory Supervisors have direct responsibilities for the safety of all persons entering and working in their laboratory under UAH policy. This resource provides links to documents that will assist Lab Supervisors in accomplishing environmental health and safety compliance in his/her research lab.


Submit a New Lab Start-up Notice to the OEHS as soon as you are assigned a laboratory and or research space.
Most people moving to UAH have a main area of focus or specialty in research and teaching.
The New Lab Start-Up Notice alerts OEHS as to the hazards that may be present once the lab is set-up.
It also allows us to contact the new employee to discuss any special needs that OEHS may be able to assist with. 


New Lab Start-Up Notice

Complete required training and assure all personnel and students working in the lab complete training.
Training works best if the individual has a UAH email account. 

View Training Information


All students, graduate, undergraduate or other, should complete a UAH Student – Lab Safety Agreement/Contract. It is recommended the Supervisor or PI keep this on file. 

UAH Student Lab Safety Agreement / Contract

Review the University Chemical Hygiene Plan and develop one for the lab using the Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan Template. 

Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan Template

Ensure a chemical waste inventory is completed, available and that safety data sheets are readily available for each hazardous chemical/material. The chemical inventory should be maintained with the safety data sheets. If you are maintaining your database in SDS Online, that will take the place of this document.

Chemical Inventory Form

For work with infectious agents, you will need to have a Lab Specific Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan in place. 

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan 

Ensure the use of required personal protective equipment in your lab.

Personal Protective Equipment Training

Work with the OEHS to establish chemical waste management procedures in the lab. 


 Chemical Waste Management Guide

Establish procedures for conducting weekly inspections in the lab and for addressing findings. 

Self Safety Audits and Inspections  

Know the location of emergency equipment i.e., eyewashes, safety showers. Know building emergency alarm system, procedures for emergency response, evacuation, and shelter in place.

Ensure a spill kit is available for your hazardous material and in a readily accessible location.

Sign up for U-Alert.

Emergency information door signs must be posted on external lab doors. 

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Resistance in Laboratories

UAH Emergency Planning

U-Alert Registration 

Emergency Info Door Sign

Follow-up on all accidents, incidents, and near misses in the lab. When injuries occur, requiring more than first aid, submit an occupational injury report. Investigate to determine the causes and steps needed to prevent reoccurrence.
Involve OEHS, if not already involved.

View Injury Reporting

Other UAH organizations may be critical in establishing your research at UAH in accordance with regulatory requirements and or guidelines. Contact the OEHS and or your department to coordinate these partnerships.