Our three-pronged mission focuses on:

  1. Stimulating growth of new and existing science and engineering high-tech companies,
  2. Catalyzing formation of a resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Northern Alabama and South-Central Tennessee regions, and
  3. Building partnerships with various entrepreneurial ecosystems and hubs to create pathways that empower, ignite, and motivate the community to make ideas happen.

Our Philosophy

Organic Innovation

I²C aims to support and stimulate co-creation and open innovation with a focus on tech startups that consist of one or a few persons. These small teams need a shared working environment to save office costs, and they have a strong desire for knowledge sharing and networking.

All of I²C's activities and programming elements conducted by / for the entrepreneurial communities are to encourage sharing, to build cross-sector connections, and to help achieve innovation, and attract like-minded members / participants to contribute, collaborate and thrive.

Space Creation

I²C environment is developed for adaptable space design and management with a keen focus on style, flow, and flexibility thereby transforming it into an “urban hotspot” conducive to ideation.

The I²C space will embody the ideal working environment – one that fosters inspiration, teamwork and fun.

The I²C will offer affordable and flexible occupancy agreements for co-working and incubation.

Community Enhancement

The core of community management is to develop I²C into a co-creation and innovation accelerator as opposed to just shared office space.

I²C will nurture and promote a community of like-minded, high-growth, high-potential startups working to scale and grow.

One of the most important tasks is to connect our own I²C community with other co-working communities to broaden the pool and possibility of co-creation.

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