A Corporate Innovation Hub (CIH) is a physical set-up dedicated purely to support a company's innovation strategy with a carefully chosen mission and respectively planned activities. It serves as a sandbox to instigate breakthroughs and explore pathways and research supporting the vision and objectives strategic to your commercialization interests.

Why setup a CIH @ I2C?

Startup-driven Disruption

The I2C is a “startup-driven ecosystem” where innovation is often based on the interaction between early-stage companies and corporations.

Ecosystem Immersion

While we encourage corporate innovation excursions and scouting trips to ignite planning for a more permanent, innovation-focused presence, potential benefits of the I2C can’t be reached by visiting there few times per year.

To fully engage a company needs to create a real local presence with a permanent address, and a small team.

Rethink Change

CIH’s at I2C gives companies and their innovation teams the opportunity to be entrepreneurial and think outside the box while being able to leverage the intrapreneurial-effect.

Setting a presence at the I2C gives an internal and external signal about a your company’s cultural change objective and initiative to build an understanding of an innovation pipeline mindset instead of R&D silos.

Corporate Coolness

Setting up a CIH at I2C is a PR statement. It gives evidence of future-oriented thinking both for the outside world and employees: we are open-minded, we can move and react fast, we are not only following the leaders of the industry, but we are the ones who create the future.

Key features / activities include:

  • Strategic support from I2C as it relates to the discovery and launch of products in your commercialization pipeline.
  • Dedicated “footprint” at I2C in terms of office space.
  • Shared access to conference rooms, boardroom, cafes, event and collaboration spaces.
  • Invitation to join the I2C Mentor / Advisory Board.
  • Access to faculty, startups and ecosystem partners for research and special purpose projects.
  • Access to UAH labs and research expertise as needed.
  • Access to students for internships and employment opportunities.
  • Access to I2C events and networking opportunities including creation and execution of specially curated events / hackathons.

Current CIH Partners:


Intuitive Research and Technology



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