Aesir Global Group

Products and services provider in the fields of Aeronautics, Engineering, Space, Information Technology and Research
Contact: Shylow Whiting | |

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AI Business Solutions

AI-powered marketing solutions using advanced algorithms to optimize your marketing campaigns, increase conversions, and maximize ROI
Contact info: Keith Crowe |

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Alir Technologies

Engineering solutions for flow physics and flow
Contact info: Bono Wasistho |

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Amplified Security

AI Solutions for Network Security
Contact info: Benjamin McGee |

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Software engineering, systems engineering, and process improvement services.
Contact Info: E:| |


CORE Prototyping

Product Design & Manufacturing services to take your idea from Art to Part
Contact: Sam Lewis | |

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Security and Compliance, Risk Assessments, and Risk Management services and solutions
Contact: Benjamin McGee | |



Data mining and business intelligence platform delivering targeted communications across digital media
Contact: Preetha Pulusani | |

Deep Target


Cybersecurity, Cyber Operations Management, IT Management & Strategy and Identity/Privacy Management for the DoD and IC community
Contact: Alexandra Laureano Moenck | |



Cybersecurity training and exercises, incident response, vulnerability assessment, and many other areas related to the missions of cyber teams
Contact: DJ Hovermale | |


FighterLink Solutions

Technology solutions for commercial and defense aviation aftermarkets
Contact: Dan Whiting | |

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Mach 1 Ops

Technology solutions for defense and government
Contact: Fernando Flores |

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Digital marketing and blockchain solutions
Contact: Sami Hadir | |

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Mixed Media Technologies

Web, iOS / Android and AR / VR development.
Contact: Leah Sapp | |

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RunSafe Security

Cyberhardening technology for embedded systems and devices
Contact: Shane Fry | |

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Satellite Orbital Systems

"PlankSat" technology for LEO payloads
Contact info: Chris Barker |

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Digital Engineering, Software Development, and Cybersecurity tools and services for Defense and Industrial applications
Contact info: Hal Aldridge | |

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Enterprise search with advanced Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning algorithms.
Contact: Bob Lewis | |

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Sumaria Systems

Full-Service Provider in IT and Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) for the DoD & Federal community focusing on C5ISR and Space and Air Systems
Contact: Bryan Bearden | |

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Innovative solutions in DevSecOps, Full-Stack Development Services, App Containerization, and Hybrid Cloud Services
Contact: Tony Taylor | |

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Satellite internet for global connectivity
Contact: Tom Jessee | |

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Data powered electronics development
Contact: Toby Rimes | |

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