Each institution should have a group of faculty members active in graduate programs who serve as a graduate council, review graduate curriculum proposals, set university-wide academic standards for graduate programs, and develop policies and procedures for the effective administration of graduate degrees. All academic matters pertaining to graduate degree programs should be determined by this or a similar group.

Organization and Administration of Graduate Education
A Policy Statement (Council of Graduate Schools, Washington, DC, 1990), pp. 8-9

2023-2024 Graduate Council Members

FirstLastVoting or Non-VotingCollegeEmail
Michael Anderson Non-Voting Engineering michael.anderson@uah.edu
Dylan Baun Voting CAHS


Nilsa Black-Meade Voting Nursing nilsa.black@uah.edu
Larry Carey Voting Science lawrence.carey@uah.edu
Joseph Conway Voting CAHS joseph.conway@uah.edu
Lingze Duan Non-Voting Science lingze.duan@uah.edu
Jeremy Elliott Non-Voting Education jeremy.elliott@uah.edu
Wafa Hakim-Orman Non-Voting Business wafa.orman@uah.edu
Jon Hakkila Non-Voting, Chair Graduate School jon.hakkila@uah.edu
Keith Hollingsworth Voting Engineering keith.hollingsworth@uah.edu
Tracy Lakin Voting Nursing


Xiaotong Li Voting Business lixi@uah.edu
Nicholas Loyd Voting Engineering nicholas.loyd@uah.edu
Hamsa Mahafza Voting Education


David Moore Non-Voting Library david.moore@uah.edu
Louise O'Keefe Non-Voting Nursing louise.okeefe@uah.edu
Maria Pour Voting Engineering


Jodi Price Non-Voting CAHS jodi.price@uah.edu
Milton Shen Voting Business milton.shen@uah.edu
Suzanne Simpson Non-Voting OIREA melanie.simpson@uah.edu
Amy Smith Non-Voting Registrar amy.smith@uah.edu
Lenora Smith Voting Nursing lenora.smith@uah.edu
Ming Sun Voting Science ming.sun@uah.edu
Tanya Sysoeva Voting Science


Lisa Vangsness Voting CAHS lisa.vangsness@uah.edu
Paul Whitehead Voting Education paul.whitehead@uah.edu



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Graduate Council does not meet during May, June, or July.

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