This program is considered an "online" program because the course content will be delivered online via UAH's learning management system.

While each course is individualized by the course professor, all of the courses will follow a basic format.

  • The course will be separated into "modules" or "lessons" that will focus on specific learning objectives.
  • With each lesson, students will be asked to read provided materials, review materials, watch videos, and review other resources.
  • Most lessons will include some type of graded activity (or assignment) which may include participating in an online discussion, completing an assignment, or taking an online exam.
  • The structure of each course will be dependent on the content and instructor.

While most courses in the program will be 100% online, a select few of the courses will require face-to-face meetings due to the content of the course. These face-to-face meetings will be scheduled at flexible times.

What Computer Skills Do You Need to Complete this Program?

If you take an online course, it is important with technology and online learning AND have access to the appropriate equipment.

Before enrolling in any online course, you need to ask yourself if you can:

  • access computers that meet the minimum technical requirements
  • send, receive, and attach documents to an email
  • navigate computer screens and the internet easily
  • create, save, retrieve, and browse for computer files
  • use a word processor and presentation software
  • download media players, software plug-ins, and other free software available on the internet

Depending on the course, additional computer skills may be necessary.

Technical Support

From time to time, you might have questions or need technical assistance. Technical support is provided for our online courses through the UAH Office of Information Technology.

Technical Requirements

While technical requirements may vary among courses, the following general technical requirements are all online courses.

  • Active Email Account
  • Current Operating System (Windows or Macintosh)
  • Internet Connection (DSL/Cable are recommended)
  • Current Internet Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari
  • Word Processing Software: Microsoft Word (recommended)
  • Presentation Software: Microsoft PowerPoint (recommended)
  • Adobe Reader or Adobe Professional
  • Additional Free Software Downloads (as necessary)

Some courses may have "live" web class meetings. For these meetings, the entire class will "meet" online over the internet at a set time and date. Students may need a web camera and/or stereo headset/microphone.