How will the program be delivered?

The M.Ed. program is an online program with the course content delivered online via UAH's learning management system. Please see the Online Learning page for more information on how courses will be delivered.

How will the classes be offered?

We understand that everyone leads busy lives so we at UAH are committed to providing a program that is responsive to your needs. Courses will be offered year-round so that students can complete the entire program in as little as 18 months!

To support learning for working professionals, courses in the Fall and Spring semesters will be offered one at a time in five week installments! This will allow each student to focus solely on the content of one course to maximize learning.  During the Fall and Spring semesters, students will be enrolled in up to 3 courses (9 hours) over the 15-week semester.

During the summer, students will be allowed to take 2 courses (6 hours); one in June and one in July. With Departmental approval, students may enroll in more courses. 

Some courses within specific programs may different lengths (7 weeks or 15 weeks) depending upon the nature of the content of the courses. 

What is the general sequence of the courses?

Start in the Summer:

Summer 1: six semester credits

Fall 1: nine semester credits

Spring 1: nine semester credits

Summer 2: six semester credits

Fall 2: three semester credits

Start in the Fall:

Fall 1: nine semester credits

Spring 1: nine semester credits

Summer 1: six semester credits

Fall 2: six semester credits

Spring 2: three semester credits