What is The Code of Conduct?

The Code of Student Conduct is designed to protect the rights of students and others in the campus community by insisting that students be accountable for actions that may violate those rights.  When such a violation occurs, the Code provides a fair process for determining the facts and, if appropriate, imposing a sanction.  It ensures that a student against whom a complaint has been brought receives notice of the complaint and an opportunity to defend against it.  The procedure established by the Code includes written notice of charges, participation in an administrative hearing by the party bringing the charge and the party defending against it, an impartial hearing panel, written notice of the panel's findings and recommendations, rights of appeal, etc. 

What is “misconduct”?

Student misconduct is defined as anything from sexual harassment to academic misconduct (plagiarism, for example) to assisting with misconduct (helping someone cheat on an exam). You can find a complete list in the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.

What happens if you are found responsible of misconduct?

The sanctions range from a warning for minor offences to expulsion for something very serious. You can find a list of sanctions in the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.

If you don’t fulfill the sanction, UAH reserves the right to bar you from registering for the next semester or refuse to release your transcript until you fulfill the terms of the sanction.

How do you contact us?

You can stop by the office of the Dean of Students in Charger Union 223 or call (256) 824-6700.

How do I file a Student Conduct complaint?

You may file a Student Conduct Complaint by using THIS link.