Student Responsibility 

The University of Alabama in Huntsville recognizes its responsibility to support and uphold the basic freedoms and citizenship rights of all students, and it expects students to be responsible for the following:

  • Uphold and follow all codes of conduct, including this Code, relevant codes and bulletins of respective schools, professional programs or professional societies, and all rules applicable to conduct in class environments or University-sponsored activities, including off-campus clinical, field, internships, or in-service experiences.
  • Obey all applicable University policies and procedures and all local, state, and federal laws.
  • Facilitate the learning environment and the process of learning, including attending class regularly, completing class assignments, and coming to class prepared.
  • Plan a program of study appropriate to the student’s educational goals. This may include selecting a major field of study, choosing an appropriate degree program within the discipline, planning class schedules, and meeting the requirements for the degree.
  • Use University property and facilities in support of their education while being mindful of the rights of others to use University property and facilities.
  • Maintain and regularly monitor their University accounts including e-mail and account balances.
  • Uphold and maintain academic and professional honesty and integrity.
  • Be responsible for their behavior, and respect the rights and dignity of others both within and outside of the University community.
  • In addition to these on-campus responsibilities, the University may discipline a student for acts of personal misconduct or criminal acts that are not committed on University property.

Organizational Responsibility

Student organizations enrich the campus and community by providing a source of intellectual, personal and social development of students through their programs and activities. The University fulfills an important mission by providing procedures and policies for the registration and support of student organizations. Inherent in the University’s recognition of student organizations is the obligation of each organization to conduct activities in accordance with University rules and policies as well as applicable local, state and federal laws. Student organizations are required to comply with the rules and policies of the University as well as other rules and policies that may govern the organization. Further, any student organization that is a member, chapter, affiliate, or associate of a local, state, national, or international organization (collectively “parent organization”) must provide notice and details to the Dean of Students within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving notice of any investigation, sanction, probation, discipline, or misconduct related issue involving the student organization or any of its members and the parent organization.