Section 2: Offenses within Diligence and Excellence

As a community and as individuals we must strive to be the absolute best that we can be at all times, in all ways, and by all means. This includes through individual actions as well as our actions as a community.  An intellectual environment is not just about flourishing academic classrooms and resources, it is also about establishing a safe and secure climate promoting actions which build up a community focused on success and learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Any student found to have committed one or more of the following acts of misconduct is subject to the disciplinary sanctions as outlined in Article VI:

2.01 Bribery:  The offer of or agreement to confer a thing of value on a University employee or official, or student official with the intent of improperly influencing the action of such official; or the acceptance of a bribe.

2.02 Misuse of Computing Resources:  Unauthorized use, access, manipulation, duplication, or tampering with University software, hardware, or firmware programs, networks, and/or associated documentation.

2.03 Gambling:  The operation of or participation in any gambling business or related activity.

2.04 Unlawful Acts:  Theft, vandalism, or possession of property known to be stolen.

2.05 Business or Personal Venture:  Operating a business on campus and/or unauthorized use of University property or resources for personal gain is prohibited.

2.06 Misuse of Information:  Unauthorized use of or access to information, in whatever form, proprietary to the University.

2.07 Indecent or Disorderly Conduct:  Behavior that disrupts or interferes with the orderly functions of the University, obstructs, impairs or perverts the administration of law, other duty, or governmental function.

2.08 Unauthorized Disclosure of Sensitive Information: Violations of security which may interfere with business and/or projects overseen by UAH.

2.09 Accordance and Compliance with Laws and Policy:  Adherence to all federal, state, and local laws, University policies, rules, regulations, and codes both printed and online.

2.10 Solicitation and Posting Policy: Solicitation and posting unapproved materials.

2.11 Damage to University Property or Furnishings: Removal, damage, or theft of any University furnishings, accessories, or property from its original location including damage to structures.

2.12 Evacuation Procedures: Interference with or non-adherence to emergency evacuation procedures

2.13 Fire Safety: Attempted arson, arson, false fire alarms, or tampering with fire safety equipment.

2.14 Misuse of Monitoring Systems or Access: Interfering with the normal functioning of any portion of a safety or security monitoring system; unauthorized possession, duplication, use or damage to Charger Cards or keys giving access to University premises; or entering or attempting to enter any University property that has been restricted.  Access policy can be found at Charger Card and Key Policy

2.15 Parking: Non-compliance with any parking policies or regulations. Parking policies can be found at UAH Parking Policies.

2.16 Firearms, Weapons, or Explosives: Possession or use of firearms, weapons, ammunitions or explosives. The University policy on firearms and weapons can be found at, Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy

2.17 Under Age Usage of Alcohol: Purchase, possession, or consumption by a person under the age of 21.

2.18 Intoxication:  Public intoxication or drunkenness.

2.19 Alcohol Possession on Campus: Possession or consumption of alcohol in any location on campus outside the perimeters of the University Alcohol Policy is prohibited.  

2.20 Alcohol Distribution: Sale or distribution of alcohol to a person under the age of 21.

2.21 Common Sources of Alcohol:  Use of common sources of alcohol, including but not limited to kegs, party balls, waste cans, and punch bowls is prohibited.

2.22 Alcohol Endangerment:  Excessive use of alcohol resulting in a state of intoxication that endangers oneself or other members of the community. Including, but not limited to, driving under the influence.

2.23 Tobacco:  UAH is a Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment. The Smoke Free Campus Policy can be found here, Smoke Free and Tobacco Free Policy

2.24 Drugs:  Possession, delivery, sale, use, distribution, or manufacture of any illegal drugs or controlled substance.

2.25 Drug Paraphernalia:  Possession of paraphernalia for intended or implied use of controlled substances.