The University of Alabama in Huntsville has established through the University  Creed, and institutional Mission and Core Values specific areas that we value and focus on for the empowerment of students and for the purpose of our learning community…. 

Integrity…, Respect…, Diligence…, Excellence…, Inclusiveness…, Diversity…, Scholarship….

This Code is designed to support these values and initiatives.  Each student of UAH is expected to live by these standards as a part of the Charger Community and is expected to hold others accountable to these standards as well.  UAH believes that even when you are a successful scholar, to be truly accomplished you must also live your life with a commitment to be virtuous. Individuals, student groups, and student organizations are expected to adhere to and adopt these standards of behavior. These standards are effective for any student that represents The University of Alabama in Huntsville, including the campus, local, or global community.