The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) was established in 2016 to provide for the implementation, assessment and continued improvement of the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan. (QEP)

The focus of the QEP is Collaborative Learning. We understand collaborative learning in a broad sense to include active classroom activities that embody three basic principles. Collaborative learning activities are:

  • Egalitarian. Everyone in the collaboration is expected to contribute, which emphasizes the value of different knowledge, perspectives, and skill sets.
  • Discursive. The involvement of all the collaborators necessitates their interaction, which opens their horizons to new ideas and requires communication.
  • Inquiry Driven. Collaborative Learning encourages students to ask questions and to consider a variety of approaches to problems.

The Center facilitates and supports the basic aims of the QEP :

  1. Instruct students on the principles of Collaborative Learning.
  2. Teach students how to collaborate through applications in their classes.
  3. Encourage students to value and appreciate collaboration.
  4. Improve student learning through Collaborative Learning.
  5. Make Collaborative Learning a central feature of UAH’s educational aims and academic culture.

The Center provides assistance to the faculty in discovering, understanding and implementing collaborative activities.

UAH students and faculty working together to explore options and create solutions in pursuit of knowledge.