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The Consortium for Aircraft Survivability Environment (CASE) is sponsored by members from industry, government and academic sectors and facilitated through the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). CASE is a voluntary group of representatives from among interested companies, government and academia agencies who have the common goal of working toward innovative and economical aircraft survivability systems for legacy and future aircraft. It is intended to be a collaborative organization for aircraft survivability systems, associated electronic and communication technologies, to those involved in rotorcraft and small fixed wing aircraft. This consortium is set up to assist the end-users in developing new modular technologies and provide a test bed for evaluating new systems in an efficient/organized manner. CASE will foster an innovative forum of collaboration for all aircraft survivability systems. It will be responsible to the membership of the consortium for delivering independent assessment, trade studies, white papers, recommendations, proposing or executing capability development, demonstrations and/or tests, technology prototyping, and contractor teaming arrangements.