Billing Information

All charges are due on the first official day of each semester.  Visit the Registrar to find the first day of the semester.  Check an account balance via MyUAH.

Tuition bills are not mailed to students.

Tuition and fee charges are added to accounts after course registration. Housing charges are
added after signing a housing contract with University Housing whether or not the student has actually
moved into the residence. Meal plans are added via the Charger Card Office or University
Housing. Public Safety assesses parking decal fees.

Authorized Users

Only Authorized Users can be given information regarding a student's account. If a parent/guardian will be making payments onto a student account, please follow the steps below to grant them access. Please note, proxy access is not the same as adding an Authorized User. 

  • Login to MyUAH
  • Select “Student Account” Under the Bursar section
  • On the right, click “Set Up Authorized Users”
  • Enter their full name, relationship to student, and email address
  • Login instructions will be sent to the email address entered

Late Fees and Class Schedule Cancellation

A $50.00 late payment fee will be charged to any account not paid in full by the first official day of each semester. Immediately after final exams each semester, any student with an unpaid balance in excess of $250 that is enrolled in a subsequent semester will have that semester's schedule cancelled. If a past due balance is from a housing charge, then the University Housing Office may assess a late payment fee.


Students with a past due balance in excess of $250 for non-tuition related charges will receive a Transcript Hold. This hold prevents the release of a transcript until the balance has been paid. Visit Past Due Collections for more information. 

Please contact us to have an Accounts Receivable hold removed after payment is made. These payments may be made with certified funds (cash, credit/debit card, cashier’s check, or money order). If payment is made by personal check or E-check, there may be a two week waiting period before holds are removed