Any returned check item that is not paid promptly will be referred to a collection agency for further action. Returned check items must be paid in certified funds such as: cash, cashier's checks, or credit card.

The University will not accept a personal check to pay returned check items (this includes returned check fees). Students who have had three or more checks returned unpaid to the University for any reason will no longer be permitted to pay financial obligations of any kind using personal checks regardless of whose account the check is drawn from (parent, guardian, spouse, employer, etc.).

If the check was for payment of services such as meal tickets and flex accounts, the usage of those services may be suspended until the check is paid.

Paper Check Returned

If a check written to the University is returned unpaid for any reason, the check will be charged back to the student's account and that student will be responsible for payment regardless of who wrote the check (i.e.: parents, guardian, spouse, employer, etc.)

A $20.00 returned check fee will be charged for each item returned from a bank regardless of
the reason it was returned.

Electronic Check Returned

If an electronic check (eCheck) is returned any applicable returned check fees will be added to the amount of the check at the time it is re-deposited as per the e-check payment agreement.

Non-Sufficient Fund Returned

Checks returned for non-sufficient funds or uncollected funds will be re-deposited to the University bank after ten days. Students will be sent a returned check notice specifying the exact date the returned item will be presented to their bank. It is the student's responsibility to notify the University before that date if he/she does not want the item presented to their bank.

Stopped Payment Check Returned

Checks returned because of stopped payment, account closed, or ‘refer to maker’, cannot be re-deposited. The amount of the check plus any applicable returned check fees will become immediately due and payable by the student.