We are The Space Hardware Club at UAH

SHC is comprised of over 100 undergraduate and graduate engineers, scientists, and leaders who are dedicated to designing, building, and delivering top-notch hardware to the flight line.

In recent years, our club has grown from a small group of students to one of the largest student organizations on campus. While our student membership has grown, our traditional fundraising efforts have not been able to keep pace with the ambitions of our members. To meet the needs of SHC, our goal is to raise $15,000 to help us send 12 club members to the 2016 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC).

IREC, held annually in Green River, Utah, is the world’s premiere rocket engineering competition. In Utah, Space Hardware Club will be competing against teams from MIT, CalTech, Yale, and other top universities from around the word. For the competition, the team will be delivering a 4 in. diameter, 10 ft. long, and 30 lb. rocket that will be configured as a boosted kinetic energy vehicle. The boosted dart will soar to a target altitude of 10,000 ft. while recording and transmitting a multitude of visual, inertial, atmospheric, and location data.

Since SHC is a volunteer student run organization, all funds raised will be used to directly offset project costs which include hardware, fabrication, and travel. If we are unable to reach our funding goal for the 2016 IREC, all donations received will go towards to the development of a rocket for the 2017 IREC.

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