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Math Tutoring


The Department of Mathematical Sciences is dedicated to education, research, and service in mathematical sciences.

Our mission is to produce new generations of mathematically proficient graduates who can apply quantitative and inductive reasoning skills to a variety of complex problems, to discover and disseminate new mathematics, to promote and communicate the importance of mathematics in society, and to help maintain standards of excellence in mathematics. We offer programs of study leading to bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mathematics and to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Applied Mathematics.


The Department of Mathematical Sciences will be the premier program of its type in the Southeastern U.S. for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Mathematical Sciences (MA) Catalog Materials

Undergraduate program description

  • BS or BA in MA
  • Undergraduate minor in MA

Graduate program description

  • MA in MA
  • MS in MA
  • PhD in MA

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NSF/CBMS Conference: Gaussian Random Fields, Fractals, SPDEs, and Extremes

August 2-6, 2021

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